Lina Tayara, a skilled content curator and producer, has combined her professional expertise and passion for b2b and b2c communication in Lets Talk Tech. The goal is to make specialized discussions more inclusive and accessible, thus fostering collaborations and raising public awareness.

Initially, Lina worked in mainstream media, broadcasting audiovisual stories to a global audience. She enriches her storytelling with research and report writing skills acquired during her role as a research and risk management director at a top global consultancy.

As an independent provider of research and marketing communication services to the data center industry, she gained insights into the sector and the value network among players willing to engage in honest and informative conversations. This has resulted in authentic content that aids in managing public awareness and building trust.

Lets Talk Tech was conceived in 2020 to address the need for improved tech and energy literacy, integrating knowledge from a siloed ecosystem with its diverse stakeholders and connecting citizens with the digital economy.

With the rapid pace of digital transformation, especially accelerated by the Coronavirus pandemic, Lina utilized her connections in the digital infrastructure industry to share conversations on social media through thought leadership articles, video interviews, and micro-content. This content has attracted a significant global audience, and we appreciate our community and anticipate more participants in this crucial transition journey.

Our editorial direction prioritizes inclusive perspectives from global leaders and involves individuals in these discussions. We are thankful to the institutions collaborating with us in delivering valuable third-party content and to the individuals joining us on this informative and educational journey.

We aim to continue offering quality content of public interest and expanding our community by including more viewpoints on relevant matters and engaging more people in vital discussions about our future.